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Community Engagement
& Social Responsibility.

Gemwitts is a green energy implementer that provides a full range of professional services, business solutions and products that optimise business processes. We also have Exclusive Distributorship Rights in Zimbabwe for the Lumee brand of LED Lighting Solutions from a European Based Manufacturer.

Gemwitts intends on bringing the “bright lights” to rural and peri urban communities by providing energy efficient, reliable, and affordable Solar and LED Lighting Solutions. We aim to educate and empower the youth with entrepreneurial skills and assist them by providing consignment stock of our LED Solar Lighting products for resale. This initiative empowers the youth to build their own sustainable businesses within their communities, creating employment, and promoting their wellbeing by providing income streams for their families, thus benefiting the community. This reduces reliance of conventional fuel sources such as firewood hence reducing deforestation and reducing their carbon footprint.

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